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B) RDBMS - The client/Server Database Model tutorials

  • Technically, the term client/server refers to any two cooperating processes.

  • The client process requests a service from server process. The server process in turn handles the request from client and it responds it.

  • The client process and the server process may be on different computers or on same computer. It’s the cooperation between processes that is significant, not the physical location.

  • In contrast to desktop database, which make the clients do all the work, client/server database works differently.

  • Here database client prepares a SQL request (Just a small text message) and sends it to the database server. The Server in turn reads and processes the request.

  • Inside the server the security is checked, the indexes are searched, the data is retrieved or manipulated.

  • When server side code is executed, the final result is then sent back to client.

  • All the database work is preformed within the database server. If the client requests a dataset, the dataset is prepared within the server and a copy of data is sent to the client.

  • The actual data and indexes never leave the server.

  • So when client requests an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operation, the server receives the SQL request and processes request internally.


Following are some example of RDBMS – used by CLIENT/SERVER environment




3)     DB2 from IBM

4)     SYBASE from SYBASE Inc.

5)     INFORMIX from INFORMIX Software



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