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Creating SQL DATABASE using GUI Tutorials


  • Data within a database is stored on disk in one or more data files. Prior to being written to the data file(s), every transaction is written to a transaction log file.

  • To create Database Start “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio” – Select Server – Expand it – Select Database – Right Click – New Database.



Data file Properties

  • Other properties attached to data files include the file ID, initial file size, file growth increment, and maximum file size.


Automatically grow file (auto-grow) :-

  • As the database begins to hold more data. The file size must grow. If auto-grow is not enabled, the DBA will have to manually adjust the size. If auto-grow is enabled, SQL server will automatically adjust the size according to the following growth properties.

  • File Growth in Megabytes – this is good option for larger data file.

  • File Growth in Percentage – this is good option for smaller database.

  • You can also Specify Maximum File Size by Restricting File Growth (MB) or can allow for Unrestricted File Growth option.


To Save File to particular position

  • By default SQL Server will database to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA"

  • If you want to store to some other location, click button next to it and locate folder where you want to save database file.

  • By clicking on Option button on left side, it gives many other options.

  • By clicking on FileGroups on left side, it gives choice to create More file groups, which can be saved on different Hard disk volume and partitions to increase File Read / Write speed and Create Single Database file saved on different Hard disk partition and volume.



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