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DBMS – Database Management System tutorials

commonly used by DESKTOP DATABASES

Server transfer full database to Client over networkAll Database operation is performed on Desktop Client.


  • DBMS stands for Desktop Database System.

  • Desktop databases perform all the database tasks at the client end.

  • This kind of environment is suitable for small database or for less no of users.

  • When any user want to search database lets say “particular Customer Name or City or State” then whole database file along with entire index comes access the network to user computer. Then client then searches the information at their computer.

  • As the entire database file along with index travel back from server to client, it tends to make heavy load on network.

  • Even though a multi-user desktop database may use client/server file processing. It doesn’t qualify as client/server database processing.

  • In this case it is a just case of multi-user Access application. The file server is merely providing file sharing. No database intelligence is contained in file server.

  • As database grows and so as number of clients, the amount of data being transported by network to client increases the performance will decreases.

  • As a rule of thumb, desktop databases are good for about 20 users.

  • There could be exceptions, but beyond these thresholds, these system, will become slow and unstable.


Following are some example of DBMS – used by desktop environment








  • Over 90% of people think that DBMS can’t set Relationship among Database or Table.

  • This is wrong assumption. One can set Relationship in DBMS between Tables.

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