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Database tutorials

  • An Oracle Database is collection of data treated as a unit.

  • The purpose of a Database is to Store information, Process it and retrieve related information.

  • The Database is the repository for data and the engine that manages access to it.

  • Data within a database is stored, on disk in one or more data files. It exists until these files are deliberately deleted.

  • There are no practical limits to the size and number of these files, and there is no practical limits to the size of a database.

  • Prior to being written to the data file(s), every transaction is written to a transaction log file.

  • The data is typically organized to model in relevance to reality. For example, if we want to build Database for Hotel, typical database will include information related to rooms in hotel, types of room, customers detail, booking, advances, payment details and so on.

  • The database data collection with RDBMS is called a database system.


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