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JSP Tutorials and Programs

  • Java Server Pages(JSP) is a technology that helps software developers to create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML, or other document types. Released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems.

  • JSP is similar to PHP, but it uses the Java programming language.

  • JSP helps the developer to insert java code inside HTML by making use of JSP tags most commonly scriptlet  starts with <% and ends with %> which is very useful for generating dynamic contains on a web page.

  • JSP are direct extension of Java servlets and provide a way to separate contents generation from content presentation. The JSP engine is just another servlets that is mapped to the extension *.jsp

  • JavaServer Pages inherit the concepts of Applications, ServletContexts, Sessions, Requests, and Responses from the Java Servlets API and offer the same portability, performance, and scalability as servlets.

  • Jsp tags can be use for various purpose such as retrieving data from database, registering user preferences, accessing JavaBeans components, passing control between pages and sharing information between requests pages etc.

  • JSP are deployed and run on Servlet container such as Apache Tomcat or Blazix.

Prerequisite for JSP

  • This tutorial is for absolute starters to learn JSP who do not require any prerequisite JSP knowledge.

  • This site also have tutorial from most casual user to advance JSP users, including technical students from Science and Engineering field..


JSP 100+ Tutorials and programs, topics as follows

1. What is Jsp Tutorials Program.
2. Advantage of JSP Tutorials Program.
3. Environment Setup Tutorials Program.
4. Setting up Web Server Tutorials Program.
5. Setting up CLASSPATH Tutorials Program.
6. Architecture of JSP Tutorials Program.
7. JSP life cycle Tutorials Program.
8. Scripting Elements Tutorials Program.
9. Scripting Elements Prg Tutorials Program.
10. Implicit Objects Tutorials Program.
11. JSP Actions Tutorials Program.
12. jsp:include Prg Tutorials Program.
13. jsp:useBean Prg Tutorials Program.
14. jsp:forward Prg Tutorials Program.
15. Client Request Tutorials Program.
16. HttpServletRequest Obj Tutorials Program.
17. Server Response Tutorials Program.
18. HttpServletResponse Obj Tutorials Program.
19. HTTP Status Code Tutorials Program.
20. Set HTTP Status Code Tutorials Program.
21. Form Processing Tutorials Program.
22. Reading Form Data Tutorials Program.
23. Reading GET Data Prg Tutorials Program.
24. Reading POST Data Prg Tutorials Program.
25. Processing checkbox Prg Tutorials Program.
26. Filters Tutorials Program.
27. Invoking Filters Tutorials Program.
28. Defining Filters Tutorials Program.
29. Cookies Handling Tutorials Program.
30. Setting Cookies Tutorials Program.
31. Reading Cookies Prg Tutorials Program.
32. Deleting Cookies Prg Tutorials Program.
33. Session Tracking Tutorials Program.
34. Methods of Session Obj Tutorials Program.
35. Deleting a Session Tutorials Program.
36. Session Login Prg Tutorials Program.
37. File Uploading Tutorials Program.
38. Handling Date Tutorials Program.
39. Date Format Code Tutorials Program.
40. Page Redirection Tutorials Program.
41. Hit Counter Tutorials Program.
42. Auto Page Refresh Tutorials Program.
43. Sending Mail Tutorials Program.

JSP Interview Questions and Answers

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JSP Interview Question/Answer Part-5
JSP Interview Question/Answer Part-6
JSP Interview Question/Answer Part-7
JSP Interview Question/Answer Part-8
JSP Interview Question/Answer Part-9
JSP Interview Question/Answer Part-10
JSP Interview Question/Answer Part-11

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