Career & Certification
When I take seminar for undergraduates or occasionally handle inquiry, most people ask,
  • What is Right Course to start?
  • What is better option for their Career?
  • What will be Future (Earning Scope) with it?
When I meet with Graduates, Junior or fresher, they ask.
  • Well I know a,b,c, . . . Software/Hardware, what should I do for better Career?
  • What will be future (Earning Scope) with it?
When I meet with Seniors & Professional (Who takes Exams for Professional Certifications at our Pearson Vue & Prometric Authorized Test Center), I ask for their review, or occasionally surf internet to find out.
  • What is latest trend and how rewarding is it.
Q.1. What is Right Course to Start?

Most Institute will try to convince you hard & follow ups to join some of their long term hefty Course, without knowing do you really needs it?
Many students too join wrong Course/Institute for some reason, without knowing own strength and what they will do with that course?
Well, it all depends upon
a) What is your Objective?
b) What is your Strength?